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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital marketing company?

A digital marketing Company helps companies build and manage their brand’s presence online, such as websites and social media profiles. Additionally, they manage digital advertising campaigns and optimize search engine presence.

What does a digital marketing company do?

Digital marketing agencies help companies use their expertise to build brand awareness online by managing digital assets like websites and social media profiles; creating engaging content; building, executing, and measuring digital advertising campaigns; and optimizing their search engine presence.

Why should you hire a digital marketing agency instead of doing it yourself?

Hiring a digital marketing agency allows you to save time investing in your business while having access to professionals who know how to use industry-standard tools and technology. It also saves money because the people managing your accounts are up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations, so you don’t have to worry about staying compliant yourself. Where can I find an example of good company culture at a digital marketing firm? Here is an example of what one company has to say about their culture: “The hardest thing I’ve learned is that our team thinks differently than a lot of marketing agencies. They’re not old-school marketing people; they’re mold-breakers and rule-defiers. It’s the only way we can achieve great things.”

How do you find an agency?

Step 1: Find five digital marketing companies you like in your area by looking at websites or researching online.

Step 2: Call each company (yes, pick up the phone) and ask questions about their services and what makes them unique compared to other firms

Step 3: Ask friends & family for referrals or look on Google for agencies with good reviews/testimonials.

Step 4: Make sure that the company is local (if you don’t know it already)

Step 5: Ask the agency about their company culture, what they value in employees, and ask any other questions you may have to make sure this firm is a good fit for you.

Step 6: Sign up for an initial meeting. The goal of this meeting will be to get to know each other better and introduce yourself/your business so they can better understand your goals. At the end of the meeting, ask if they would like to work together. Remember, building online brand awareness takes time so start early!

What makes a good website design?

A good website design has a balance of good visuals and content that respects the user experience. A company’s success online is often dependent on how well they use their site structure and content management systems to organize and display information about who they are, what products/services they offer, and where people can find them.

Is it important to have a unique story as a digital marketing agency?

Yes, every business needs to have its own unique brand narrative as this will help build stronger relationships with your customers, which leads to more loyal customers through excellent customer service. A strong corporate culture also plays a significant role in forming these narratives along with shared values that employees can identify with.

How do you choose the right social media management tools?

There are lots of tools available for social media management. However, it’s important to determine your marketing strategy before choosing which ones to use. Some companies offer free versions, while others have a 30-day trial and paid options for more advanced features.

What is the difference between PPC and SEO?

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising involves using ads on search engines or social media that only appear when someone actively searches for that keyword/ad. This is different from Organic Search Optimization, where a company works on developing its online presence by writing great content and seeding it so other people will find you organically without paying for visibility. For example, if you search for a dessert recipe on Google, the ads that will appear are PPC because people have to search for recipes actively.

How do I know which digital marketing services my company needs?

It’s initially helpful for companies to determine their long-term goals and short-term needs. For instance, if your business wants to increase visibility online and reach more local customers, then social media management tools would be a good option. The opposite would be true if you wanted to specifically sell certain products or promote specific events throughout the year.

Where can I find digital marketing agencies?

There are lots of places to find good digital marketing companies in general, but if you’re looking for one in Clermont, FL, then you should ask friends and family for referrals or look on Google for agencies with good reviews/testimonials. You could also make sure that the agency is local (if you don’t know it already) before working with them to get to know their team members personally, along with learning more about their core values which could be useful in various ways throughout your relationship.

What is a typical strategy for small businesses when it comes to SEO?

A good place to start with SEO is getting your company ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Then you can focus on getting links from other websites referencing your business name in the author’s bio section, which will help build up incoming links over time. A strong social media presence will also help generate more exposure for your brand because people are always sharing content they find interesting/helpful/useful.

These are just some of the questions potential clients who are interviewing digital marketing agencies may ask. Marketers need to learn how these agencies can help their businesses not only meet but exceed their online goals.

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