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Why Google Business Profile is important for your business!

Formerly called Google My Business (GMB), Google Business Profile (GBP) has been a great way for small businesses to promote themselves on Google Maps. With its establishment as the no.1 search engine, having a GBP page means that not only can your customers see your location, but it also gives you a chance to fully describe what you do and have direct contact with them by being able to send them messages through the site.

At O2 Digital Marketing, we specialize in providing you with this service! We will create a new account on your behalf using our IDs so that you can fully enjoy all of its benefits. As your trusted partner, we will ensure not only your safety but also your privacy. We will also provide you with the complete list of documents that we have submitted to Google if you need them for your records. As a business owner, you know that if your company’s GBP Listing isn’t optimized correctly, then it could be costing YOU money by not being ranked higher in the local map listings. When clients do hyper-local searches, they will see YOUR listing first!

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Let us handle your GBP Account

When you hire us for your Google Business Profile listing, we will provide a full range of services to optimize it from A-Z. This includes image optimization and alt text editing, and basic keyword research on keywords relevant to the selected industry or location where you operate. Our team will put your address on all possible places on Google Maps so that you can keep track of it better than ever before!

We will also provide hyperlinks between our site and your listed location on GBP – this way, clients know where to find you! And last but not least we will create a special webpage just for your company with all its info, images and maps location!

Getting the most out of your Google Business Profile

Our Google experts know the insights of managing your GBP. We will provide you with a solution based on the most optimized options.

Maps Magicians



Relevance is very important when optimizing your Google My Business page because it determines how well you’ll fare compared to your competitors. We offer our clients solutions based on keywords relevant to locations.

Google Business Profile and Map Rankings


Google uses the triangulation method for this measuring distance, which is based on average. Our specialists use this method to accurately locate the center of your business by taking into account your data.



Prominence takes into account how many times you’ve been listed on the search engine and also how accurate these listings are. Our team will ensure that your business is listed on all possible search engines so that you can beat down your competition.

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FAQs About Google Business Profile

How can a Google Business Profile increase the visibility of a local business in local search results?

A Google Business Profile (GBP) allows a local business to appear in local search results and on Google Maps. When optimized correctly, it can ensure that the business shows up when potential customers are searching for related products or services in the area. This increased visibility can lead to more foot traffic and online interactions.

How does an optimized GBP enhance customer engagement and interaction?

An optimized GBP provides comprehensive information about a business, from operating hours to customer reviews. This allows customers to quickly find what they need, leading to increased interactions like calls, website visits, or direction requests. Moreover, businesses can post updates, offers, and events, which can engage users and prompt them to take action.

Why are customer reviews on GBP crucial for a local business’s reputation and credibility?

Reviews act as social proof. Positive reviews can significantly influence potential customers, building trust and credibility. They provide real-world feedback about the business, which can be more convincing than any advertisement. Conversely, addressing negative reviews professionally can demonstrate a business’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

How often should a business update its GBP to ensure that the information remains accurate?

It’s vital to update the GBP whenever there’s a change in the business operations, such as modified hours, new contact details, or relocation. Even without changes, it’s a good practice to review the profile every few months to ensure all information remains current and accurate.

How can adding high-quality photos and videos to a GBP improve customer trust and interest?

Visual content provides a glimpse into the business’s ambiance, products, or services. High-quality photos and videos can make the profile more engaging and can give potential customers a better sense of what to expect, thereby building trust and piquing interest.

How can the insights provided by GBP analytics help a local business understand its customer base better?

GBP offers insights into how customers are interacting with the profile, such as search queries used to find the business, the number of direction requests, and phone calls made directly from the listing. These analytics can help businesses understand customer behavior and preferences, allowing for better-targeted marketing strategies.

How can regular posts and updates on GBP keep customers informed and engaged with the latest offerings or news?

Regular posts act as mini-advertisements or updates, informing customers about new products, special offers, events, or any other news. These can keep the business top-of-mind for customers and encourage repeat visits or interactions.

What are the key elements to focus on when optimizing a GBP for maximum visibility and engagement?

Key elements include ensuring accurate business details, using relevant keywords in the business description, regularly updating photos and videos, gathering and responding to reviews, and making use of the posts feature. It’s also essential to ensure the business is categorized correctly to appear in relevant search results.

Why is it essential for a local business to verify its GBP, and what are the potential risks of not doing so?

Verification proves to Google and to customers that the business is legitimate. Without verification, businesses won’t be able to access the profile’s full features, such as insights or the ability to respond to reviews. Unverified profiles may also not rank as highly in local search results, leading to decreased visibility.

How can an optimized GBP give a local business a competitive advantage over businesses that don’t utilize GBP effectively?

An optimized GBP ensures that a business stands out in local search results, attracting more attention and interactions. It can also provide potential customers with all the information they need to choose one business over another, from reviews to visuals to timely updates. In a digital age, where many customers first search online before making a decision, a well-maintained GBP can be a significant differentiator.